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04/16: Social Robotics Lab has been shut down. This website will still remain online for a few years. Kai is now with Bosch Corporate Research, Renningen.

10/15: Very interactive and fruitful workshop 'Social Norms in Robotics and HRI' at IROS 2015.

07/15: Successful second-year reviews of our EU-project SPENCER

04/15: Acceptance of our workshop proposal 'Social Norms in Robotics and HRI' at IROS 2015.

10/14: Four awesome papers submitted to ICRA 2015. Let's cross fingers.

08/14: Received very good first-year reviews of our EU-project SPENCER

10/13: We offer a new Bs/Ms course "Human-Oriented Robotics" (course homepage)

09/13: Kai joins the Human-Robot Interaction steering committee

12/13: Matthias Luber (very) successfully finishes his doctoral thesis.

05/13: Our RSS 2013 paper nominated for best student paper award!

04/13: Kick-off of our EU project SPENCER

03/13: All open positions have been filled. We say hello to Timm, Billy, and Luigi!

08/12: We have several open PhD positions and an open Post-Doc position! See job descriptions.

07/12: Bingo!!! Our call 9 STREP proposal SPENCER that we are coordinating has been accepted!

07/12: Our IROS 2012 paper and two papers for RO-MAN 2012 have been accepted.

04/12: We have submitted two proposals to the EU FP7-ICT-Call 9, one as a coordinator.

04/12: Dizan Vasquez joins the lab as a post-doctoral research associate. Hola!

04/12: The extension proposal of our DFG Junior Research Group Leader grant got accepted!

03/12: Kai joins the 2012 PCs of NIPS, RSS, ECCV, ISER, ICSR, AAAI SA, of two workshops at RSS and IROS and serves as AE for IROS'12

07/11: 3 out of 3 IROS'11 submissions have been accepted! This year with a below-30% acceptance rate.

06/11: Our mobile robot platform DARYL finally arrived!

03/11: Review season! Luciano is on the PC of ICCV, RSS, KI. Kai is on the PC of ICAPS, HRI, ICCV, RSS, AAAI Student Abstracts, IROBOT, ICSR, ECMR, and serves as AE for IROS'11 and ICRA'12.

01/11: All three ICRA'11 plus our ICAPS'11 paper have been accepted.

04/10: Our AAAI'10 paper has been accepted for oral presentation in the PGAI track.

04/10: Kai's son Henri is born!

03/10: Kai Arras becomes Associate Editor of the International Journal of Social Robotics.

02/10: The IJSR special issue on People Detection and Tracking, edited by Kai Arras and Oscar Martinez Mozos, is out.

01/10: Luciano Spinello joins the lab as a post-doctoral research associate. Benvenuto!

11/09: Diego Tipaldi received the AI*IA prize for the best italian PhD thesis in AI. Brav' uaglio'!

06/09: Our paper "Place-Dependent People Tracking" has been accepted at ISRR'09 and invited to the IJRR best paper issue.

12/08: Diego Tipaldi finishes his PhD at the University of Rome La Sapienza with the highest grade.

12/08: Kai Arras and Oscar Martinez Mozos organize the ICRA'09 Workshop on people detection and tracking. Workshop homepage.

10/08: This site goes online!

10/08: Diego Tipaldi joins the lab as a post-doctoral research associate. Ciao bello!

08/08: Our RSS'08 paper is selected for the AURO best paper issue.

08/08: Kai Arras is co-editing the ECMR'07 best paper special issue in the RAS journal.

07/08: Matthias Luber joins the lab as the first PhD student. Welcome!

07/08: The SRL is founded! Hello world.

10/07: Kai Arras becomes Senior Research Scientist with Evolution Robotics, Pasadena, CA, USA

07/07: The DFG-funded Junior Research Group Leader grant is awarded to Kai Arras. He is given the opportunity to found his own research group.