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Important note: The Social Robotics Lab was shut down in mid-2016 after successful completion of the SPENCER project. Most former members listed here are now in the industry.

Former head

Kai O. Arras

Former PhD Students

Timm Linder
PhD student
Luigi Palmieri
PhD student
Billy Okal
PhD student

Administrative Support

Dagmar Sonntag
Administrative support, EU projects
Michael Keser
Technical support



  • Matthias Luber, PhD student
  • Dizan Vasquez, Post-doc
  • Luciano Spinello, Post-doc
  • Gian Diego Tipaldi, Post-doc

Alumni Students

  • Raphael Lopez, Hiwi, Master thesis student
  • Fabian Girrbach, Master thesis student
  • Andrey Rudenko, Hiwi, Master project student
  • Timon Marta, Master project student
  • Massimo Demauri, Master thesis student
  • Markus Schwenk, Hiwi, Bachelor thesis student
  • Hector Mendoza, Hiwi
  • Sven Wehner, Master thesis student
  • Gregor Richter, Hiwi
  • Hugo Gilbert, Master thesis intern
  • Branka Mirchevska, Master Praktikum student
  • Nora Schnorr, Hiwi
  • Johannes Guettler, Bachelor thesis student
  • Severin Gustorff, Hiwi
  • Heinke Hihn, Bachelor thesis student, Hiwi
  • Markus Schwenk, Bachelor thesis student
  • Luc Lanners, Bachelor thesis student
  • Johannes Stork, Bachelor and Master thesis student
  • Ivo Malenica, Bachelor and Master thesis student
  • Jens Silva, Bachelor and Master thesis student
  • Stephanie Embgen, Bachelor thesis student
  • Jonas Sternisko, Hiwi
  • Leander Sabel, Bachelor team project student
  • Wolgang Hinkel, Diploma thesis student
  • Mathias Maier, Diploma thesis student
  • Manuel Braun, Bachelor thesis student
  • Matthias Frorath, Bachelor thesis student
  • Stefan Schleipen, Hiwi
  • Diana Hille, Bachelor team project student
  • Manuela Ortlieb, Bachelor team project student
  • Stefan Osswald, Bachelor team project student

Alumni Guests

  • Rudolph Triebel, Oxford University, SRL Visiting Professor
  • Oscar Martinez-Mozos, University of Zaragoza, SRL Visiting Professor