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Kai O. Arras

PhD Students

Timm Linder
PhD student
Luigi Palmieri
PhD student
Billy Okal
PhD student

Administrative Support

Dagmar Sonntag
Administrative support, EU projects
Michael Keser
Technical support


  • Raphael Lopez, Master thesis student
  • Fabian Girrbach, Master thesis student
  • Andrey Rudenko, Master project student
  • Timon Marta, Master project student
  • Massimo Demauri, Master thesis student

Student Research Assistants

  • Andrey Rudenko, Hiwi
  • Raphael Lopez, Hiwi


  • Matthias Luber, PhD student
  • Dizan Vasquez, Post-doc
  • Luciano Spinello, Post-doc
  • Gian Diego Tipaldi, Post-doc

Alumni Students

  • Markus Schwenk, Hiwi, Bachelor thesis student
  • Hector Mendoza, Hiwi
  • Sven Wehner, Master thesis student
  • Gregor Richter, Hiwi
  • Hugo Gilbert, Master thesis intern
  • Branka Mirchevska, Master Praktikum student
  • Nora Schnorr, Hiwi
  • Johannes Guettler, Bachelor thesis student
  • Severin Gustorff, Hiwi
  • Heinke Hihn, Bachelor thesis student, Hiwi
  • Markus Schwenk, Bachelor thesis student
  • Luc Lanners, Bachelor thesis student
  • Johannes Stork, Bachelor and Master thesis student
  • Ivo Malenica, Bachelor and Master thesis student
  • Jens Silva, Bachelor and Master thesis student
  • Stephanie Embgen, Bachelor thesis student
  • Jonas Sternisko, Hiwi
  • Leander Sabel, Bachelor team project student
  • Wolgang Hinkel, Diploma thesis student
  • Mathias Maier, Diploma thesis student
  • Manuel Braun, Bachelor thesis student
  • Matthias Frorath, Bachelor thesis student
  • Stefan Schleipen, Hiwi
  • Diana Hille, Bachelor team project student
  • Manuela Ortlieb, Bachelor team project student
  • Stefan Osswald, Bachelor team project student

Alumni Guests

  • Rudolph Triebel, Oxford University, SRL Visiting Professor
  • Oscar Martinez-Mozos, University of Zaragoza, SRL Visiting Professor